Tamilnadu Yoga Committee


The Tamilnadu Yoga Committee (TNYC) is the State Branch of International Yoga Committee (IYC) & National Yoga Federation Of India (NYFI). World 1st and only Yoga Sport controlling body for international membership organization for the Yoga and Yoga Sport Community, and is open to all Yoga Club-Yoga Training Centre, Individual/Faculty-Yoga Guru-Yoga Practitioner-Yoga Teacher-Yoga Therapist, Yoga-Institute-College-School-University Accreditation, Yoga NGOs and National Yoga Sport Federations, and yoga authorities.
IYC has a partner status with International Nobel Peace Prize Recommendation Forum -INPPRF, World Council For Regular and Distance Education -WCRDE, National Branch Committee-NBA, and International Student Exchange Cards India Limited. IYC main aim is to promote yoga asanas throughout the world and work for peace.
IYC was founded in 2016 in India by Dr. Mohamed Seraj Ansari, National Yoga Federation Founded in 2016 by Dr.Thiyagu Nagaraj, TamilNadu Yoga Committee Founded in 2019 by Mr.Rajkumar Natarajan and it has official managed and run by International Non-Olympic Committee.
IYC is supporting all Government systems, norms and regulations and code of ethics.


“The purpose of Tamilnadu Yoga Committee"

TNYC is to support all community of Yoga teachers and masters with peace, love, unity, and respect. International Non-Olympic - INOC has recognized Yoga as Non-Olympic sports discipline for all across the globe and our main aim is One World!! One Education!!!, means all yoga teachers collectively work for IYC network and bring together to develop the peace between country wide.
Rajkumar natarajan
Founder & general secretary

Hon'ble Minister of the State Youth Affairs & Sports, Government of India, Mr. Vijay Goel

“Yoga has also been recognized as Non-Olympic Sports discipline by International Non-Olympic Committee, considering its importance in day-to-day life on the occasion of its Golden Year-2017, I extend my best wishes to the International Yoga Committee for the success in its endeavors”

TNYC Members

Why joining IYC

The International Non-Olympic Committee -INOC is recognized Yoga as sports internationally. Joining the IYC network means supporting one of the earliest international organizations of its kind, historically one of the most lively global yoga community of people and institutions working in development. Also, it means contributing to the vision, mission and values inspiring IYC. IYC acting as a global space for Yoga & Yoga Sport Community at national, and international level to promote yoga as (INOC) Non-Olympic Sport with Nobel Peace Prize Forum.