Tamilnadu Yoga Committee

About TNYC

The Yoga is a new sport has been introduced into International Non-Olympic Committee (INOC) by Prof. Mohammed Seraj ANSARI (India), President-INOC,the Yoga is an unique sport and earth fitness, less consuming time and extra fitness, thrilling and appealing to the lovers of the game. The Yoga is not a sport only for its players, lovers of the sport, officials; it is also for those sports, which are struggling hard to get establish in the region, the Yoga will generate funds through sponsorship and other ways etc. and 75% of the generated funds will be consumed into the promotion of the Non-Olympic Sports worldwide under the auspices of the International Non-Olympic Committee. The National Yoga Federation of India Founder Secretary General Dr.Thiyagu Nagaraj and Tamilnadu yoga Committee Founder Secretary General Mr. Rajkumar Natarajan launched Yoga & Committee. Might be an artist who would like to introduce yourself and your work here or maybe you’re a business with a mission to describe.

The purpose of Tamilnadu Yoga Committee (TNYC) is to support all community of Yoga teachers and masters with peace, love, unity, and respect. International Non-Olympic – INOC has recognized Yoga as Non-Olympic sports discipline for all across the globe and our main aim is One World!! One Education!!!, means all yoga teachers collectively work for IYC network and bring together to develop the peace between country wide.



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